Warehouse Refurb vs Fuerteventura

Warehouse Refurb vs Fuerteventura

Well… what a week its been. As most of you will know, we’ve just finished our warehouse refurb & we couldn’t have chosen a worse week to do it. We’ve been working in a -5-degree warehouse with a heater which had completely run out of gas. Meanwhile, Gayle and Lee have been sunning themselves in Fuerteventura- what a hard life. We’ve dragged members of staff in to help with what seemed an impossible refurb, however, after a week of hyperthermia and hard work, the warehouse is somewhat organised!

Anyway, Big Boss is back today- I knew this 20 minutes before the plane even hit Manchester I could already hear her talking from 35,000 feet… I’ve missed her really (need to get paid going out Saturday) & whilst housesitting I’ve managed to keep both dogs and a small human alive for a whole week and the house is still in relatively good form, so I think I did ok really…….


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