The History Of Mulberry Moon

The History Of Mulberry Moon

Hi guys!

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to give you a bit of background on how Mulberry Moon came about as you know it today!

Gayle has always been a creative, vibrant individual with a passion for interiors and fashion. Back in 2004 when she had just had her 2nd newborn, Charlie. She decided to start a small eBay business selling shabby chic home accessories and furniture in which she did up herself whilst working & packaging around her new baby. As her shabby chic eBay shop grew, she continued working at an art gallery called Hepplestones. Gayle thrived whilst working for Hepplestones and was continuously inspired by her boss, Giles.

Fast forward to 2010, Hepplestones relocated to Heskin Hall Shopping Village where it is still operating from today. She was encouraged by Giles to open a small shop in the hall selling her done up, shabby chic furniture and accessories, she called it Mulberry Moon. The name was chosen by Gayle and inspired by Mulberry handbags and a bottle of Tescos vanilla moon bubble bath. Gayle instantly fell in love with working in retail alongside her mother who quickly came to help and still helps to this day 9 years later! Gayle styled her shop to be a pretty, country shop and I think we can all agree, she definitely achieved that!

After 12 months of hard work, the business grew even more and was expanded to how you see it today, adding on a clothing boutique for women specialising in Italien styles for women sized from 8 up to 22. The clothing boutique is constantly changing with new styles hitting the rails every week, it’s hard to keep up!! One of Gayle’s hopes for the next 5 years is that the clothing range will expand so that she can cater for more audiences.

Even after all this, Mrs Hesketh was still not done with building her beloved Mulberry Moon! Her husband, Lee, left the Mercedes motor industry to come and co-direct the business. The pair created a homeware online business selling every homeware accessory you could imagine from dining tables to outdoor sheep. But with all this expanding it was clear they would need a social media guru to push it even further which is when they recruited their first-born, Lewis. Lewis works hard writing emails, keeping up with website maintenance and the latest ways to advertise the business. With the help of staff, Mulberry Moon is able to provide a fast service of beautiful homeware goods. We appreciate any purchase made and we hope that you enjoy your products and shop with us again!

So, that’s a short insight into how Mulberry Moon came about and how one family turned a hobby into a successful business constantly growing.


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