The Corner House Project

The Corner House Project

Hello all! Sorry, we haven’t had a chance to post anything recently, we’ve been up the wall with orders, clothing and a few interior jobs! One of our most recent has been at a restaurant in Wrightington, Lancashire. When looking at the reviews for the restaurant one comment kept cropping up which was being noticed by the owners. Despite everyone saying how the food was to die for, many customers were commenting on the mismatch, dull decor. Being lovers of all things interior we were more than happy to help and advise the owners on how to turn their restaurant into a bright and beautiful upmarket restaurant. As we always advise, colour is everything!! especially greenery, adding greenery to any room brings it to life and transforms the whole room giving it a completely new look. So obviously we had to add plenty of greenery! The corner house has always had a masculine vibe to it which we have tried to keep to maintain their original theme but we’ve added fab large mirrors, wall clocks, lamps, plants and wall sconces now it’s nearly finished we are confident in saying it looks like a completely new restaurant!

So please go visit and tell us what you think! If you do bob in, tag us in any interior pics etc on your story and we will give you a code for 10% off our website!

A few pictures of what has been done so far:) 


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