Feeling the love….

Feeling the love….

Hi guys, hope your all well considering the circumstances, we’re all in the same boat with this horrid COVID 19 so we all need to pull together & just enjoy it (if we can).

It amazes me already there’s so much love out there, it’s just so nice to see. People dancing in the streets (literally), discos on the doorsteps & even on balconies. My sister-in-law tells me her neighbour holds a disco from his front door every day at 1 pm ( DJ Denshaw) this is in a small village Up-Holland in Lancashire, everyone stands at the front dancing & laughing. I mean, what more can you do?

The Thursday 8 pm clapping is quite emotional & again bringing out the neighbours you don’t see often, well done NHS & to the rest of the emergency services; care workers; supermarket workers, delivery drivers, school staff still working and many, many more….

I’ve been enjoying Tik Tok (social media platform) so much (I’m quite sad I know) but, to see people enjoying themselves, dancing, talking & singing is just fabulous. Even the celebrities are all joining at the moment, & it’s great to be nosey seeing around their homes LOL.

If you fancy following me its @mulberrymoon (apologies in advance)

Anyway, I’m off now to add more items to the website & maybe enjoy some of this sunshine.

Take care you lot

Gayle xx

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