Ladies Day

Ladies Day

So this Friday I attended ladies day, a day for the prim and proper/ the shameful and scandalous. Now, for any of you that haven’t been to the races, I’ll break it down for you so you get a true representation before purchasing your ticket. It’s basically 40,000 men & dressed up women sinking into a marshland field with a Baltic wind. and I know its a typical nan thing to say ‘oh it’ll be freezing take a jacket’ and no, I didn’t listen either but TRUST me when I say if you do not take jacket you will feel like DiCaprio in the revenant with only an alcohol blanket to protect you, by the end of the day you’ll have robbed a mans tartan blazer and bagged a pair of white plastic flip flops – don’t knock the flip flops they are truly a godsend.

If you want a laugh just google ‘ladies day daily mail’ i did this before I went and let me tell you I spent the day trying to act as normal as I possibly could which included not eating and pacing my drinks in pure fear of being snapped by the paps and linked back to work, what a shameful Monday morning that would’ve been… whilst I’m forever grateful I’ve avoided nation shaming on google I was only recorded throwing up inside a bog in Ormskirk a few hours later on snapchat for all my nearest and dearest to see… ah well, you win some you lose some I guess.

Overall, it’s a good day, just make sure you take toilet roll in your clutch, plasters for your lacerated feet, a jacket and if you’re going to stand anywhere make sure you’re high up because 5″4 me decided to stand on a flat field, so instead of watching the horses I spent the day watching TV.

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