Helping the hangover over Christmas

Helping the hangover over Christmas

We’re all getting ready for the festive season, party, party until we can’t party no more! However, we need to be aware of the dreaded next day hangover!!! We will overindulge on mulled wine & champagne & feel horrendous the next day & not leave our beds or sofas……

The way to get rid of that heavy head is not to do ‘The hair of the dog’ but eat some of these unique foods…. So let’s prepare……

1: The Australians favourite food is vegemite on toast, this is the No1 food for beating a hangover….who would have thought? Available from Tesco & online stores.

2: Pears…research shows that a hangover is reduced by 16 – 21% if you drink pear juice the night before, so get supping that pear juice people.

3: Water…..obviously… yet we do forget, this rehydrates the body & will eradicate that horrid hangover.

4: Lime…. Just like a lemon, add two teaspoons of lime juice & honey to a pint of water when you wake up… it work pretty quickly.

5: Bananas…. Well, I love them, so this will be my cure! These are rich in potassium (which you lose when you’re dehydrated) they will again help you on your merry way to having a pleasant ‘day after the night before’.


So, have a great time over the festive season & don’t forget your limes & bananas….LOL

Gayle x

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