Crazy Christmas

Crazy Christmas

Yup, it’s official, its silly season, were pulled out crazy, crazy with endless orders coming in & with a huge amount of enquires from Australia & USA & of course everyone wants their item last week, well, unfortunately, we have to be fair & process each order as it comes in, the lads or grumbling, we are giggling & the retail shop is rammed with customers from far & wide again. New clothing stock is arriving daily to keep your blinged up wardrobes rammed full, we’re all excited for our staff Christmas party tonight, so we’re all chatting about what jewellery to wear with what dress, not forgetting the shoes & bags….on, & on.

So, just a quick reminder, our Cut Off Point for Christmas Orders is midnight 18th Dec 2018, anything after that will be processed but no guarantee for the big day.

I will now crack on with my day adding more new stock to the site for you all & demolishing a Cadburys caramel bar (which Ellie brought as a peace offering as she was 5 mins late #P45 Ha).


Gayle x



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