COVID Update

COVID Update

Just a quick check-in with you all we’re still holding back opening the retail shop until the end of June due to making sure we are COVID prepared, I am juggling lots of plates, packing orders, answering many emails, social media messages etc & aiming to sleep in between.

Please be patient, we can only pack your items at a certain pace along with hundreds of other orders due to being on skeleton staff, so, if you purchase Friday evening at 11 pm, we will definitely not have shipped your order by Monday morning, we are not Amazon & don’t intend to be like Amazon. Our Delivery terms are available to view online. We always send you tracking info to the email you provided when placing your order, so you know when to roughly expect your goods.

It’s a tricky time & some of us are still abiding by the Government rules, so I thank you in advance for bearing with us, any serious issues we will get to you as soon as possible to remedy any odd situation that may occur.

Gayle x

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