Can I Go Home Yet?

I’ve been ordered to do a quick blog… you lucky lot. Nothing much has changed! To be honest. Me & Gayle have been buying stock for the retail shop today in Manchester and its been chucking it down, I’ve gone from having hair of silk to Bob Marley’s dreads. I’ve also started helping with the Instagram page which actually excites me purely because I get to search dogs & food all day. Coming up to Christmas, I’ve also started working Sundays as well as Saturdays- goodbye clubbing, hello coffee meetings.

Me, Gayle & Kay went to another fortune teller and this time I didn’t get told I was only going to find love at 40 which hs put my mind at rest but has also confirmed that everything they tell me is a complete guess and I need to get a grip. However, I do seem to have brought back Mystic Meg instead of my boss as Gayle has swung a pendulum in my face every day of this week ‘will I wake up tomorrow’ Jesus Christ I feel like strangling her with that bleedin pendulum.

Is Gayle Crazy? Yes.

Am I going to get my P45? Yes

Hotel? Trivago.


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