Time out 😍

Time out 😍

Hey hey hey lovelies,

You probs dont remember who we are we’ve been so MIA!!

Busy bloody bee’s and happy as larry to see our shop fully back in the swing of things, thanks to you lovely lot sacrificing your lipstick and shopping until ya drop behind those god awful masks.

Its been so busy me and jeeves just scooted our butts to Bath for a few nights away, leaving the mummy-daughter duo to run the shop; and i’ve decided an early retirement is on the cards…or atleast a few more ‘po-sh’ nights away as what fun they had!

We walked, ate, drank, RELAXED, chatted and drank some more, all forming the perfect post lock down treat. 

But we missed you and are so glad to be back, even if it is a few stone heavier. 

Cant wait to see you all in store soon, and if not we at least expect you to love our tik toks (alot of takes go into those tik toks).

Lots of love and happy weekend,

Gayle and Milly x

Bath 🇬🇧

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