July 2018

We’ve gone live!

Well, this is a big day for us here in Moonie land, the Taittinger is on ice & yes we will definitely crack it open later this evening, we have been working on our new website for almost 9 months now! lots of coffee & chocolate has been consumed, we are exhausted & absolutely skint!!  But by god, it’s been worth it.  Within 15 mins of the switchover, we had our first sale! One of our top selling Lurcher dog sculptures. So, it’s all working correctly, thank the lordy lord. So, I will crack on, as I still have a lot to do on here, adding new products, tweaking images etc…Daphne the Frenchie & Lewis are here in the office, working hard alongside. Thanks for stopping by & visiting our newbie website & first blog, don’t forget to join our mailing list for discounts that we provide quite regularly. Don't forget to use Code LAUNCH10 valid until 25th July 2018 Gayle