February 2021

Long Time No Speak….

Yes, its been a mad old time hasn't it? it seems the worlds gone bonkers, we've been open, closed, open, closed & now closed again......

We're operating from home like most of the country, adding items to the website as quickly as we can, wrapping, posting & dealing with the endless social media questions...that is a job in itself...think we need to hire someone...seriously

We never stop from early morning until late at night, we've even had to do a cut off message as we do need our family time. The first Lockdown we bought a 6 seater Lazy Spa & we actually started to chill out for the first time in years, having your own business never ends & 'chill out' is something we struggle to do. Every night (almost every single night) we get in it (even in these colder winter months, under a gazebo), we drink fizz & laugh so much, even our neighbours have said "all you can hear are you two laughing", it's such fun, we would highly recommend it. We're slowly doing the garden ready for summer, new decking, turf & patio furniture are needed, that's when we will definitely be purchasing a seriously big throbbing hot tub.

So, I thought id better pop on & at least say Hi, were still here.....

Shout us if you need anything, nothing is too much trouble (so long as its before 9pm - hot tub time)

Gayle & Lee xx

September 2020

Welcome Back Our Fab Staff x

Hi gang, Milly here

What a crazy month it’s been!!! Eat out to help out…more like a shop out to help out, as you lot have been running us off our feet (IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE)😂

And in other news, I’d like to welcome back lovely Lisa who has been off on furlough & also forced to be a full-time mummy over locked-down ( Ha Ha) …(impressive she’s still sane I know).
And we’re SO excited to have you back!

We’ve got loads of exciting new bits coming in every week, sometimes even twice a week at the moment. So make sure to keep up to date as we slowly start to edge towards those autumnal colours👀..Don’t worry guys we’ll make the shift as slowly as possible lol.
Anyone else feel like they’ve been robbed of their summer holiday or just us?!
However, this does mean the return of our beautiful knitwear and jackets isn’t far away!

Have a beautiful week, oh and wash your hands x

August 2020

Time out 😍

Hey hey hey lovelies,

You probs dont remember who we are we’ve been so MIA!!

Busy bloody bee’s and happy as larry to see our shop fully back in the swing of things, thanks to you lovely lot sacrificing your lipstick and shopping until ya drop behind those god awful masks.

Its been so busy me and jeeves just scooted our butts to Bath for a few nights away, leaving the mummy-daughter duo to run the shop; and i’ve decided an early retirement is on the cards…or atleast a few more ‘po-sh’ nights away as what fun they had!

We walked, ate, drank, RELAXED, chatted and drank some more, all forming the perfect post lock down treat. 

But we missed you and are so glad to be back, even if it is a few stone heavier. 

Cant wait to see you all in store soon, and if not we at least expect you to love our tik toks (alot of takes go into those tik toks).

Lots of love and happy weekend,

Gayle and Milly x

Bath 🇬🇧

July 2020

And we’re back!

Hello and happy Monday to all customers old, new and everything in between. We’re finally back up and running instore alongside our wonderful website, and grateful is an understatement! 

Life is manic with its curveballs and sudden shift in circumstance, but all that manic leading up to the re-opening was so worth it for a real-life human contact filled week (who would have thought it!) We have got our smiles and sanitizer ready for a busy and exciting few months ahead. 

We have been overwhelmed with your support of the shop even during lockdown, with orders coming out of our ears, so THANK YOU. We really do have our very own little Moonie community.  

I can't wait to see you in-store soon for some *physical retail therapy, Tik Tok fun and an extremely pro-longed chat to make up for the hours missed…

Sending love and light into the world, and have a wicked week.

Stay safe and wash your hands,

Gayle & Co x

June 2020

COVID Update

Just a quick check-in with you all we're still holding back opening the retail shop until the end of June due to making sure we are COVID prepared, I am juggling lots of plates, packing orders, answering many emails, social media messages etc & aiming to sleep in between.

Please be patient, we can only pack your items at a certain pace along with hundreds of other orders due to being on skeleton staff, so, if you purchase Friday evening at 11 pm, we will definitely not have shipped your order by Monday morning, we are not Amazon & don't intend to be like Amazon. Our Delivery terms are available to view online. We always send you tracking info to the email you provided when placing your order, so you know when to roughly expect your goods.

It's a tricky time & some of us are still abiding by the Government rules, so I thank you in advance for bearing with us, any serious issues we will get to you as soon as possible to remedy any odd situation that may occur.

Gayle x

June is here!

Hi you lovely lot, just touching base, hope you're all well & staying as safe as you possibly can? we're all fine & dandy here at Moonie HQ, Jeeves is doing lots of DIY (jobs he started in 1995) & I am busy keeping you lovely lot entertained with my videos & Tik Toks & keeping the website fully stocked with clothing & homeware!

The website has gone mental, mental, chicken oriental......I think I need a month off! unsure where to go though.... Le front garden or Le back? I'll have to check the price difference on that holiday .....

Seriously though, (I can be serious on Sunday) it is nicely busy with all your online orders coming in thick & fast (Thank you) & poor Jeeves as been painting the shop so it's all fresh for when we re-open (looking likely the end of June) I will update you as we get nearer.

It's Sunday morning, a dull-looking day ahead, I feel bacon & eggs coming on & another cup of the finest coffee (weak as you like), have a good week ahead, apparently the sun is coming back out too!!.

Adios amigos

Gayle xx

May 2020

Busy, busy, bees

Well, what can I say, the website has gone bonkers, we're desperately trying to catch up on back orders of homeware products (with limited staffing), so please be patient, remember, even though you may have gone back to work, many thousands of us haven't. Our clothing side of the business is extremely busy too, every day you lovely people keep on ordering, so a big THANKS AGAIN from us! we are working none stop to get your items to you as quickly as possible.

We've had a few courier issues (yes they are in some cases are being careless with the parcels of late) not our doing I may add, so please be respectful when reviewing us.

Just thought I would pop on & update you all. Hope your all doing fine & we are all getting there slowly.

Speak soon

Gayle x

April 2020

Feeling the love….

Hi guys, hope your all well considering the circumstances, we're all in the same boat with this horrid COVID 19 so we all need to pull together & just enjoy it (if we can).

It amazes me already there's so much love out there, it's just so nice to see. People dancing in the streets (literally), discos on the doorsteps & even on balconies. My sister-in-law tells me her neighbour holds a disco from his front door every day at 1 pm ( DJ Denshaw) this is in a small village Up-Holland in Lancashire, everyone stands at the front dancing & laughing. I mean, what more can you do?

The Thursday 8 pm clapping is quite emotional & again bringing out the neighbours you don't see often, well done NHS & to the rest of the emergency services; care workers; supermarket workers, delivery drivers, school staff still working and many, many more....

I've been enjoying Tik Tok (social media platform) so much (I'm quite sad I know) but, to see people enjoying themselves, dancing, talking & singing is just fabulous. Even the celebrities are all joining at the moment, & it's great to be nosey seeing around their homes LOL.

If you fancy following me its @mulberrymoon (apologies in advance)

Anyway, I'm off now to add more items to the website & maybe enjoy some of this sunshine.

Take care you lot

Gayle xx

March 2020

hello, long time no speak…

Hi folks, sorry I've not blogged for weeks!! yikkes, it's been a manic few months, just never letting up, it's been great but very tiring. The shops been rammed with new clothing arriving every single day without fail, our models are in every single week to showcase the styles better for you.

We have also visited 3 trade shows since mid-January buying (Christmas 2020!!! yes you heard that right) new homeware for online & instore, new suppliers have been introduced & will be drip-fed online over the next few weeks.

I'm off now adding new stock to the website, speak soon

Gayle x