Author - Ellie

September 2019

The Corner House Project

Hello all! Sorry, we haven't had a chance to post anything recently, we've been up the wall with orders, clothing and a few interior jobs! One of our most recent has been at a restaurant in Wrightington, Lancashire. When looking at the reviews for the restaurant one comment kept cropping up which was being noticed by the owners. Despite everyone saying how the food was to die for, many customers were commenting on the mismatch, dull decor. Being lovers of all things interior we were more than happy to help and advise the owners on how to turn their restaurant into a bright and beautiful upmarket restaurant. As we always advise, colour is everything!! especially greenery, adding greenery to any room brings it to life and transforms the whole room giving it a completely new look. So obviously we had to add plenty of greenery! The corner house has always had a masculine vibe to it which we have tried to keep to maintain their original theme but we've added fab large mirrors, wall clocks, lamps, plants and wall sconces now it's nearly finished we are confident in saying it looks like a completely new restaurant! So please go visit and tell us what you think! If you do bob in, tag us in any interior pics etc on your story and we will give you a code for 10% off our website! A few pictures of what has been done so far:)   

July 2019

Summer Clothing

Well, it becomes that dreaded time of year for those of us who aren't a size 6. It's now July which means its no longer acceptable to wear an oversized hoody to hide all the unflattering lumps and bumps. But... that's where we're here to help! we understand that body image is important to every woman and wanting to hide some of the naughty bits and still feel fab is an ongoing challenge. Which is why in summer we stack plenty of Italian clothing. This mainly includes beautiful, easy to wear linens in a range of colours and large sizes. Our linen pieces allow you to feel young, trendy and confident whilst keeping cool in the heat. From trousers to tops we have a range of different styled linens for all age groups. Linens are fabulous for dressing up or down, wear casual to the beach with sliders or even throw on some chunky accessories for night time glam. Pop into the store and one of the girls will be on hand to help & advise you- its time to switch up your wardrobe, summer fashion doesn't have to be uncomfortable! Happy Summer!

June 2019

Heskin Hall Shopping Village

Its been busy this week in our retail shop! New stock is constantly coming through the shop doors if you're looking for small quirky gifts or the latest women's Italian fashion we're a one-stop shop. We go buying every week and by Friday the shop is officially rammed. The big boss is back in the shop more often now so if you fancy a giggle be sure to drop by everyone in the shop will help you get kitted out for that party, day out, meal or just an everyday style. Just a quick Q... wheres summer? Has anyone actually got changed since November? Because we're still in turtle necks and jeans?! However, with the summer holidays looming, Heskin Hall shopping Village is a great day out for all the family. We're in the heart of Lancashire surrounded by rolling hills. Heskin Hall shopping village has a range of quirky independent shops including clothing, crafts, food, arts, hair & beauty and homeware. The hive of the centre is definitely the two birds, the busy tea room offers freshly prepped sandwiches, Toasties, Salads and breakfast specials as well as a scrumptious homemade cake selection. There is also a deli rammed with meats, cheeses & pastries and a veg shop full of vibrant fresh produce and locally sourced jams, honey and chutneys.  If you're after a bit of 'me time' pay a visit to the hair master, Adele @thecolourroom or visit Emma upstairs and trial her organic creams and makeups there is also a fine jewellers if you fancy treating yourself to a diamond or two. There is always new products and stalls opening, so follow the centre for updates @heskin_hall_shopping_village.

April 2019

Ladies Day

So this Friday I attended ladies day, a day for the prim and proper/ the shameful and scandalous. Now, for any of you that haven't been to the races, I'll break it down for you so you get a true representation before purchasing your ticket. It's basically 40,000 men & dressed up women sinking into a marshland field with a Baltic wind. and I know its a typical nan thing to say 'oh it'll be freezing take a jacket' and no, I didn't listen either but TRUST me when I say if you do not take jacket you will feel like DiCaprio in the revenant with only an alcohol blanket to protect you, by the end of the day you'll have robbed a mans tartan blazer and bagged a pair of white plastic flip flops - don't knock the flip flops they are truly a godsend. If you want a laugh just google 'ladies day daily mail' i did this before I went and let me tell you I spent the day trying to act as normal as I possibly could which included not eating and pacing my drinks in pure fear of being snapped by the paps and linked back to work, what a shameful Monday morning that would've been... whilst I'm forever grateful I've avoided nation shaming on google I was only recorded throwing up inside a bog in Ormskirk a few hours later on snapchat for all my nearest and dearest to see... ah well, you win some you lose some I guess. Overall, it's a good day, just make sure you take toilet roll in your clutch, plasters for your lacerated feet, a jacket and if you're going to stand anywhere make sure you're high up because 5"4 me decided to stand on a flat field, so instead of watching the horses I spent the day watching TV.

March 2019

The History Of Mulberry Moon

Hi guys! I've decided to dedicate this blog to give you a bit of background on how Mulberry Moon came about as you know it today! Gayle has always been a creative, vibrant individual with a passion for interiors and fashion. Back in 2004 when she had just had her 2nd newborn, Charlie. She decided to start a small eBay business selling shabby chic home accessories and furniture in which she did up herself whilst working & packaging around her new baby. As her shabby chic eBay shop grew, she continued working at an art gallery called Hepplestones. Gayle thrived whilst working for Hepplestones and was continuously inspired by her boss, Giles. Fast forward to 2010, Hepplestones relocated to Heskin Hall Shopping Village where it is still operating from today. She was encouraged by Giles to open a small shop in the hall selling her done up, shabby chic furniture and accessories, she called it Mulberry Moon. The name was chosen by Gayle and inspired by Mulberry handbags and a bottle of Tescos vanilla moon bubble bath. Gayle instantly fell in love with working in retail alongside her mother who quickly came to help and still helps to this day 9 years later! Gayle styled her shop to be a pretty, country shop and I think we can all agree, she definitely achieved that! After 12 months of hard work, the business grew even more and was expanded to how you see it today, adding on a clothing boutique for women specialising in Italien styles for women sized from 8 up to 22. The clothing boutique is constantly changing with new styles hitting the rails every week, it's hard to keep up!! One of Gayle's hopes for the next 5 years is that the clothing range will expand so that she can cater for more audiences. Even after all this, Mrs Hesketh was still not done with building her beloved Mulberry Moon! Her husband, Lee, left the Mercedes motor industry to come and co-direct the business. The pair created a homeware online business selling every homeware accessory you could imagine from dining tables to outdoor sheep. But with all this expanding it was clear they would need a social media guru to push it even further which is when they recruited their first-born, Lewis. Lewis works hard writing emails, keeping up with website maintenance and the latest ways to advertise the business. With the help of staff, Mulberry Moon is able to provide a fast service of beautiful homeware goods. We appreciate any purchase made and we hope that you enjoy your products and shop with us again! So, that's a short insight into how Mulberry Moon came about and how one family turned a hobby into a successful business constantly growing.  

A New Order Has Landed!

A new order has just landed and we're seriously crushin' We have a range of shabby chic chunky home accessories which are seriously on trend this year. From white wash wooden photo frames to distressed hearts and stars we have something that every home lover will adore. We've hung them in kitchen & living room settings and although we may be biased, yes the look fab! They're flying out our door (literally) so be quick, we wouldn't want you to miss out! And how can I forget the fragrance order that has just landed! they smell like dreams, honestly. My personal favourite, the pink champagne is a girly sweet scent better than any JM scent out there! The scent lasts hours and has a burn time of 60-65 hours, what's not to love?! We also have the pink champagne scent bottled into oils, these have the same divine scent, perfect to place in a calming diffuser, sit back as the scent whisks throughout your home. We have a busy week of orders arriving at Mulberry Moon so we'll keep you posted! Don't forget to check out our Instagrams @mulberrymoonuk @mulberrymoondecor Love Ellie  

February 2019

Warehouse Refurb vs Fuerteventura

Well... what a week its been. As most of you will know, we've just finished our warehouse refurb & we couldn't have chosen a worse week to do it. We've been working in a -5-degree warehouse with a heater which had completely run out of gas. Meanwhile, Gayle and Lee have been sunning themselves in Fuerteventura- what a hard life. We've dragged members of staff in to help with what seemed an impossible refurb, however, after a week of hyperthermia and hard work, the warehouse is somewhat organised! Anyway, Big Boss is back today- I knew this 20 minutes before the plane even hit Manchester I could already hear her talking from 35,000 feet... I've missed her really (need to get paid going out Saturday) & whilst housesitting I've managed to keep both dogs and a small human alive for a whole week and the house is still in relatively good form, so I think I did ok really....... Ellie

October 2018

Somehow I got employed…

Hi, I'm Ellie and I've been forced to write this blog. I've never been good at writing anything remotely interesting so my advice to the two people that have probably stopped to read this is to carry on scrolling like everyone else. However, if you've nothing else to do please carry on reading me waffle about absolutely nothing. I'm on edge writing this blog and have been putting it off for weeks despite being asked about 5 times, as I know Lewis who is currently in Australia will rip me to shreds no matter what I write. How can you block a manager off their own website? Somehow, I got employed at Mulberry Moon and I still could not quite tell you what my job title is. I originally was hired to help out in the office but if you follow any of the Mulberry Moon social media sites, you'll see that I am the Aldi version of a top model. I'm usually roped into modelling on a Monday after Gayle has bought in new stock for the retail shop, which isn't quite ideal when you're still suffering from a devastating, soul-destroying hangover. I have bags so big on some of the pictures, I might get charged 5p for them. Now I don't know how many of you are in group chats or what the atmosphere is like on your group chat, but the group chat I'm in consists of my friends relentlessly searching for any embarrassing pictures of me that Mulberry Moon post. I sometimes feel like pulling a Britney in 2007 when I see a notification from Mulberry Moon. I’m currently waiting for my big break in modelling, which no doubt will take off before Christmas with the way things are going... if only I didn't have to stare at the floor. When I’m not strutting my stuff, I’m usually contracting third-degree burns from the steamer in the warehouse or three-inch wounds from the pricing gun. Sitting at the computer (the job I applied for) is generally safe and doesn’t give me anxiety when the group chat pops up. I don’t want to give you the impression that I don’t like my job because I love it. Love my boss (extra fiver, ka-ching) Love the dogs. Love the customers (preferably the ones that read the T’s & C’s) Love the showrooms and of course, an honourable mention must be made to' the brownies from Costco' - shoutout to Lee. All in all, I’ve been part of the team building the website over these past weeks - the number of table lamps I’ve described is unhealthy & I can't look at an ornament without thinking of where it would look good in your home, I’ve even started dreaming about candle stock levels. I’m actually so proud of the team and the progress of the website, and it’s extremely rewarding to receive your custom. P.S if you ever stumble upon a product for 99p, please don’t be nice and message my boss... its hard enough hiding the Monday hangover, let alone the tequila stash under the desk. Thanks for reading, this is probably the first and last blog I’ll write, I doubt she’ll let me write one again... or work at all for that matter.  Topshop and River Island, I’m available, doubt you’ll be able to afford me though. 4:59pm... one more minute that I have to pretend I’m writing something half decent......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................aaaaaaaand we’re done. Ciao, Ellie.