About Us

Where it all started

Est 2004

It all began many moons ago selling shabby chic furniture and accessories through various online platforms, it was a way for Gayle (Director) to supplement her income whilst on maternity leave. Ebay was the place to be back then and we still advertise on there today, but after being made redundant, it all suddenly began to grow. A small retail shop came shortly after and then a website followed, more family and friends began to join the team in different sides of the business, working both in the retail shop and on eBay whilst the website took a back seat for the most part.

The business truly grew once the owner’s husband Lee (and now director) quit his full-time job to run the distribution and logistics side of the business. This was when more efficient organisation came in to play and bigger steps were taken to push the business higher. Later, after shop expansion, new supply contacts, strategy and becoming an LTD Company, the importance of website success became ever more apparent. This was when their son became a fully-fledged team member, taking control of the website with regards to design and development. He truly modernised the styling and layout improving the way customers browse and visualise the site.

Where we are now

Today we are growing at a healthy rate, we have more part-time staff and are hoping to expand and increase the size of the retail store allowing us to hold more products. We have also moved into a mid-sized warehouse which allows us to work more efficiently and hold a larger stock quantity which relieves stress in other areas.

We are constantly adapting a learning with regards to creating the perfect selling experience but keeping the warm family feel that you do not receive with larger retailers. We strive to improve in all areas and hopefully expand our already huge customer base and in the future, provide incredible and unique home furnishings and accessories to homes around the world.

Why choose us?

Tracked Delivery – Secure tracked delivery with all orders placed with us. Tracked international delivery is available. (outside the UK please contact us prior your purchase)

Best Price – Our prices are hugely competitive and if you somehow manage to find a product cheaper anywhere else like for like, please contact us and we will try our utmost to match or beat their price.

Family Run – We are a proud family run business which means we take care of all of our customers with any queries or requests. We tailor our service to each individual customer for them to have a better experience.

10 Days -The maximum delivery time on all product we offer no matter how large, is 10 working days (unless specified in the description). Our usual estimated delivery timescale is between 3-5 days for most items. (UK Mainland address)


Meet Gayle (Director)                 Meet Joy (Retail shop)                   Meet Simon (he’s shy) (Minion)    Meet Lisa ( Retail shop)

We Recycle!

Mulberry Moon is a strong believer in recycling and looking after our planet, after all, it’s all we have got! Even though we are considered a small company, we still feel we have an obligation to do our part and try our best to minimise our carbon footprint. Though our company does not burn a lot of fossil fuels we try to minimise our delivery and collection movements to be as environmentally efficient as possible.

Our main recycling contribution is through our cardboard recycling and paper. We recycle many forms of boxes and re-use boxes from other companies and business’, we are very lucky to have donations of used boxes given to us from many different sources and individuals. We believe it is important to look past the ‘used’ mentality which some retailers have, as things such as cardboard can be re-used and still hold the same protective qualities.

We are always looking to reduce our footprint and get involved in other environmentally effective programs and methods in which we can implement into our daily business. We hope one day to have all of our vehicles running in the most efficient way possible and to also have our very own cardboard and paper recycling equipment to take full advantage of this opportunity. This way all of your furniture and accessories will be delivered and processed in the most planet healthy way.

Happy Recycling!