Daily Archives - 7th June 2020

June 2020

June is here!

Hi you lovely lot, just touching base, hope you're all well & staying as safe as you possibly can? we're all fine & dandy here at Moonie HQ, Jeeves is doing lots of DIY (jobs he started in 1995) & I am busy keeping you lovely lot entertained with my videos & Tik Toks & keeping the website fully stocked with clothing & homeware!

The website has gone mental, mental, chicken oriental......I think I need a month off! unsure where to go though.... Le front garden or Le back? I'll have to check the price difference on that holiday .....

Seriously though, (I can be serious on Sunday) it is nicely busy with all your online orders coming in thick & fast (Thank you) & poor Jeeves as been painting the shop so it's all fresh for when we re-open (looking likely the end of June) I will update you as we get nearer.

It's Sunday morning, a dull-looking day ahead, I feel bacon & eggs coming on & another cup of the finest coffee (weak as you like), have a good week ahead, apparently the sun is coming back out too!!.

Adios amigos

Gayle xx